Dr. Kyaw Myat Thu

Dr.Kyaw Myat Thu

Department of Physics

Mandalay Technological University

Patheingyi Township


drkyawmyatthu@mtu.edu.mm, kyawmyatthu999@gmail.com


Dec 1995 –
Nov 2002
Bachelor of Science (Hons:)                          Mandalay University, Mandalay
Jan2003 –
Mar 2005
Master of Science                              Mandalay University, Mandalay
OCT 2005- Mar 2009Doctor of Philosophy                    Mandalay Technological University, Mandalay


AUG 2005 – Jun 2009                                      DemonstratorDepartment of Engineering Physics Mandalay Technological University ,Mandalay
June 2009 – OCT 2012                                       DemonstratorDepartment of Engineering Physics Technological University (Pinlon), loilem
OCT 2012 – JAN 2014                               Assistant LecturerDepartment of Engineering Physics Technological University(Pinlon),loilim
JAN 2014 -AUG 2017                              Assistant LecturerDepartment of Engineering Physics Technological University (Sagaing), Sagaing
AUG 2017 – NOV 2017                                              LecturerDepartment of Engineering Physics Technological University (Sagaing), Sagaing
NOV 2017 – Present                                              LecturerEngineering Physics Department Mandalay Technological University, Mandalay


Current Teaching Subjects                        Engineering Physics
Research Interests                                     Environmental physics
Responsibilities                                         Teaching first year students
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