Dr. Tun Soe

Dr Tun Soe

Department of Physics

Mandalay Technological University

Patheingyi Township




1985-1993                           Bachelor of Science (Hons:)Yangon University, Yangon
1993-1997                                             Master of ScienceYangon University, Yangon
2004-2009                                       Doctor of PhilosophyYangon University, Yangon


Oct 1997- Nov 2000DemonstratorDepartment of Physics,
Dagon University,Yangon
Nov 2001-April 2002DemonstratorDepartment of Physics, Military Technological Collage(MTC),PyinOolwin
May 2002- July 2005DemonstratorDepartment of Physics,
Dagon University,Yangon
July 2005- Jan 2008Assistant LecturerDepartment of Physics,
Dagon University,Yangon
Feb 2008- Jan 2010Assistant LecturerDepartment of Physics, Defense Services Technological Academy(DSTA),PyinOolwin
Feb 2010- April 2016LecturerDepartment of Physics,
Dagon University,Yangon
May 2016- Nov 2018LecturerDepartment of Physics, Mawlamyaing University
Dec 2018 – PresentAssociate ProfessorDepartment of Engineering Physics, Mandalay Technological University


Current Teaching Subjects                        Engineering Physics
Research Interests                                      Electronics
Responsibilities                                         Teaching first year students
Teaching                                                          –
Ferroelectric and Pyroelectric Properties of Ca-Modified PbTiO3 Ceramic Films by Electrophoretic Deposition Method MAAS, 2007, Vol-5, No.2B (Physics), 173 – 186 Khin Mar Win, Aye Thandar Oo, Khin Myo Aye, Than Than Win,  Ko Ko Kyaw Soe
Preparation and Electriacl Properties of Calcium Modified PbTio3 Films by Electrophoretic Method MAAS, 2007, Vol-V, No-2B, 113-123   Khin Myo Aye, Aye Thandar, Khin Mar Win, Yin Maung Maung, Ko Ko Kyaw Soe                                  
X-rayDiffraction Analysis of Calcium Modified Lead Titanate Thin Film by Electrophoretic Method MAAS, 2007, Vol-V, No-2A, 131-148 Aye Thandar Oo,  Khin Myo Aye, Khin Mar Win, Yin Maung Maung, Ko Ko Kyaw Soe                                                         
LCD Display 24-Hour Clock by PIC Microcontroller MAAS,  2011, Vol- IX, No.2B (Physics), 55-70 Khin Mar Win,  Nu Nu Swe, Nay Myo Khine
Design and Construction of Nano Ampere Range Current Detection System Yenanchaung Degree College Research Journal, 2013, December, Vol-4, No.1, 10 to15 Khin Mar Win, Nilar Myint, Ni Ni Win
Design and Construction of of Ambient Temperature Sensing with MCP9701A by Using PIC West Yangon University, Research Journal,2015,Dec,Vol-5, No-1,104-128 Thin Mar Lar Tun,Tin Tin Win,Khin Mar Win,Nu Nu Swe
Walking Stick with Intelligent Control System MAAS, 2017, Vol-XVII, No.2A, 33-44 Khin Mar Win, Hla Htay Win, Khin Khin Myo
Lamppost Climbing Robot Utilizing Arduino Development Board MAAS, 2017, Vol-XVII, No.2A, 123-134 Poe Zarli Maung, Hla Htay Win, Mar Mar Swe, Khin Mar Win
The Innovative Design of Microcontroller Based Smart Stick ICRINT, 2018, Dec, 1-5 Khin Mar Win, Wah Wah Myint, Hla Htay Win, Win Yu Khaing
Experimental Analysis on a Locally Constructed Inverter IRE, 2019, Aug, Vol 3, Issue 2, 650-654 Khin Mar Win, Thet Zin Htwe, Aye Thandar Tun
Thermal Conductivity and Electrical Characterization of High Temperature Phases of Oyster Shell IRE, 2019, Aug, Vol 3, Issue 2, 645-649 Khin Mar Win, Aye Thandar Tun, Thet Zin Htwe
Ultrasonic Mosquito Repellent by Peripheral Interface Controller 2nd Joint ICSTI Mandalay, 2019, IEEE, 86-91 Khin Mar Win, Tun Soe, Nan Thazin
Design and Implementation of Teaching Aid 4-Bit Cyclic Redundancy Check MTUJSET, 2019,Dec, Vol-6, Issue-3, 104-108 Khin Mar Win, Aye Thandar Tun, Thet Zin Htwe
PIC Microcontroller and Shift Register Based LED Cubic Display MTUJSET, 2019,Dec, Vol-6, Issue-3, 97-100 Htay Win Mar, Tun Soe, Khin Mar Win
Design and Construction of Hybrid Solar-Hydro Power Control System for Rural Area MTUJSET, 2019,Dec, Vol-6, Issue-3, 129-132 Wut Hmone Oo, Khin Mar Win
Higher Efficiency of Solar Tracking System International Symposium on Environmental Science and Nanoscales Technology, 2019, Dec, Wut Hmone Oo, Khin Mar Win
Effective Control of Hybrid Solar-Hydro Renewable Energy System Science Council of Asia (19th SCA), 2019, Dec Wut Hmone Oo, Khin Mar Win, Hla Htay Win
Wind Speed Monitoring and Alert System Using Stm32 Microcontroller   Technological University (Pakokku) Journal: Engineering and, Research (TUJER)   Volume-01, Issue-01, May, 2020, 588-591   Sabal Phyu Thein, Khin Mar Win, Win Minn  
Computerize Data Analysis on Conservation of Energy of an Isolated System by Logger Pro 3MURC-2020, May, 2020 Khin Mar Win, Htay Win Mar, Wut Hmone Oo
Home Automation System Utilizing Peripheral Interface Controller Issues on Arts & Science, Engineering, Economics and Education (UJIM) Vol-1, June, 2020 Khin Mar Win, Kyaw Myat Thu, Nan Thazin