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Department of Computer Engineering & Information Technology

About Us

Computer Engineering and Information Technology (CEIT) department was incepted at Mandalay Technological University (MTU) in the year 2012, when the University started functioning. Striking the delicate balance between theory and practice, the CEIT department of MTU provides a well-rounded education through innovative methods to meet the needs of our students. CEIT department has a unique blend of laboratory and facilities that offers students a rare opportunity to do research and learn Computer Science in new collaborative ways. The department has successfully organized National Seminar, Workshop, Conference and Short Term Training Program for the department in the history of the University. The department is strengthened by 31 teaching and 1 non-teaching members. Over 20 staff members serve on our department, and about 180 undergraduates and 24 post graduates enrolled as full-time students, making the department of CEIT stand with its head high in Mandalay.

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Engineering


Master of Engineering


Doctor of Philosophy


The undergraduate program is designed to educate and train students to become the qualified Computer Engineering & Information Technology engineers.

Contact Info

Computer Engineering & Information Technology Department

Block no. 8
Department of Computer Engineering and Information Technology
Mandalay Technological University
Patheingyi Township
Mandalay, Myanmar


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

To ensure that our undergraduate and graduate programs are qualified, the following facilities that have been assembled:

  • Research laboratory provides designing, implementing and testing of departmental research, master degree research and Ph.D. degree research.
  • Computer room in which the students can learn the simulation and modeling of their system.
  • Departmental library where the students can extend their knowledge regarding the various subjects.
  • Seminar room which is used to hold the seminars of the research students.

In 2002, Mandalay Technological University became the first university in Upper Myanmar to offer a complete degree program in Information Technology. Today, the Department of Information Technology continues keeping pace with the continuously changing world of computer and Internet-based technologies, providing an innovative mix of modern programs and courses.


  • To produce qualified engineers who are competent in computer engineering and IT for industry, government and academia.


  • To produce the strong theoretical concepts complemented with practical trainings
  • To provide creative and innovative practices in order to meet the expectations of the industry as well as society
  • To expand the role of CEIT department as a provider of excellent academicians
Department of Computer Engineering & Information Technology

List of Faculty Members

Dr. May Zin Oo

Professor & Head of Department

Degree: Ph.D (Computer Science and IT)
Corresponding Research Field: Wireless Ad Hoc and Sensor Networks

Research Activities


  • Digital Signature Based Blockchain Technology for Secure Transaction
  • Fake News Detection on Social Media
  • Adaptive Data Delivery from fog to cloud

What can you do with your information technology degree?

Computer Engineering and Information Technology can be applied to a wide range of applications for our society such as medical, industrial, environment, agricultural, education and many more sectors.

Current Academic Research Fields

  • Wireless Communication and Networking
  • Cyber/ Information Security
  • Data Mining
  • Digital Signal and Image Processing
  • Big Data and Cloud Computing
Sr. Name Degree Position Email Research Field
1. Dr. Zar Zar Wint Dr.Eng (Computer Science) Professor Machine Learning and Data Mining
2. Dr. Thanda  Shwe Dr.Eng (Computer Science) Professor Big Data Analytics on Cloud
3. Dr. Nang  Aye Aye Htwe Ph.D (IT) Professor Image Processing
4. Dr. May Zin Oo Ph.D (IT) Professor Wireless Communication
5. Dr. Htaway  Htaway Hlaing Ph.D (IT) Professor Data Mining
6. Dr. Myo Myint Maw Ph.D (Electrical) Associate Professor Wireless Communication
7. Dr. Chit Su Htwe Ph.D (IT) Associate Professor Image Processing
8. Dr. Mya Thidar Myo Win Ph.D (IT) Associate Professor Information Security
9. Dr.May Htet Ph.D (CEIT) Associate Professor Information Security
10. Dr. Nay Min Htaik Ph.D (CEIT) Lecturer Internet of Things
11. Dr. Thandar Soe Ph.D (CEIT) Lecturer Image Processing and Natural Language Processing
12. Dr. Phyo Thu Zar Tun Ph.D (IT) Lecturer Wireless Communication
13. Dr.  Khaing Thanda Swe Ph.D (IT) Lecturer Machine Learning and Data Mining
14. Dr. Zin May Zaw Ph.D (IT) Lecturer Information Security
15. Dr. Moe Moe Myint Ph.D (IT) Lecturer Digital Image Processing
16. Dr. Thanda Aung Ph.D (IT) Lecturer Cyber Security
17. Daw Khin Ohnmar Maung M.E (IT) Lecturer Image Processing
18. Daw Thiri Kyaw M.E (IT) Lecturer Data Mining
19. Daw Khin Swe Lin M.E (IT) Lecturer Image Processing
20. Daw Ei Thet Mon B.E (IT) Lecturer Big Data and Cloud Computing
21. Daw Mya Thi Tar Lwin B.E (IT) Lecturer Big Data and Cloud Computing
22. Daw Soe Yi Zaw M.E (IT) Lecturer Signal Processing
23. Daw Soe Soe Mar M.E (IT) Lecturer Information Security
24. Daw Thiri Mon B.E (IT) Lecturer Data Mining
25. Daw Hnin Ei Wynne M.E (IT) Assistant Lecturer Machine Learning and Data Mining
26. Daw Nyein Nyein Min B.E (IT) Assistant Lecturer Data Mining
27. Daw Aye Su Hlaing B.E (IT) Assistant Lecturer Big Data and Cloud Computing
28. Daw Phyo Thunda Htun B.E (IT) Assistant Lecturer Data Mining
29. Daw Pan Nu Win M.E (IT) Assistant Lecturer Information Security
30. Daw Cho Cho Htet M.E (IT) Demonstrator Information Security
31. Daw Ei Ei Moe M.E (IT) Demonstrator Information Security