Invited Speakers

Professor Dr. Sint Soe was the ninth Rector of the Mandalay Technological University (2017-2019). Professor Sint has held a number of leadership positions at Technological universities and has rich experience in higher education management at a senior level.

            Professor Sint received his B.Sc (Honors) (Industrial Chemistry) from Rangoon University in 1982 and B.E, M.E and Ph.D. from Yangon Technological University in 1986, 1999 and 2002 respectively. He was awarded M.MES (1997), F.MES (2011) ASEAN Engg; (Reg; No. 1835) by AFEO Governing Board, Jakarta, Indonesia (2010) H.G.P (1982), R.L (Part I) (1983).

         From 1987 -1989, he served as Apprentice Engineer at Central Research Organization, Ministry of Industry (2). From 1990- 1991, he was assigned as Factory Inspector at the Department of Factories and General Labor Law Inspection, Ministry of Labor. From 1992 to 2001, he took up Principal Scientist working on pulp and paper, material science, pilot plant project and renewable energy application at Myanmar Scientific and Technological Research Department, Ministry of Science and Technology. Till 2006, he managed the research on material science at the Department of Metallurgical Research and Development Center (MRDC) as a Director and Head. He was also Professor and Head of Technological University (Mandalay) from 2006 to 2011. He played an active role in promoting management on various research works implementing by scientists and researchers at Technological University. Now, he is also a member of Engineering Education Accreditation Committee, where he focuses on promoting External Quality Assurance (EQA). In 2018, he was elected as a Vice-President (1) of Rector’s Committee in Myanmar, holding the Executive President position at Mandalay Technological University, Myanmar.

Dr. Harumi Oishi is a Professor at the Graduate School of International Cultural Studies and Faculty of Education at Gifu Shotoku Gakuen University, Japan. She received an M.A. in TESOL from SFSU (San Francisco State University) and a Ph.D. in International Communication from Nagoya University, Japan. She has taught English reading at Nagoya University. Dr. Oishi received a conference award from JACET (the Japan Association of College English Teachers) in 2005. Her book, “Second Language Acquisition and Neuroscience,” was published by Showado Publishers, Japan . She gave a featured speech at KATE (the Korean Association of Teachers of English ) 2013 and a keynote speech at PAAL (Pan-pacific Association of Applied linguistics) 2017. Her research uses neuroimaging methods to examine leaner’s brain while they are learning English. She has been receiving Grant-in-Aid from JSPS (Japan Society for the Promotion of Science) since 2006. She was a visiting scholar at SFSU in 2018.

Master’s degree  KENJI OTANI


Department of Applied Biological Science, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine, Nihon University.

Master’s degree completed (Master of Agriculture)

Studies on plant defense responses (Plant Physiol. (1994) 105: 1427-1432)


Worked at Sliontec corporation and developed agricultural materials and adhesive tapes


After that, I worked for the sales department and business planning department.

Currently, I belong to a building materials project, and is working on the overseas expansion of Maxell’s building materials.

(’Sliontec Co., Ltd.’ merged with Hitachi Maxell’ (at that time) in 2007, and is now the Maxell, Ltd. Sliontec Division.)

IoT/AI : Empirical research and Education

Osaka Prefecture University College of Technology

Professor Dr. Kiyoshi Hayakawa.

Iot/AI is seen remarkable advances for the past decade. It is important to teach them for high school and college students. We are in charge of two empirical researches of IoT/AI to teach them. This keynote talk introduces the empirical researches and education.

In the empirical researches, we are developing a crack monitoring system using CNN models. In Japan, deterioration of the infrastructures in 1970’s becomes a social problem. It is important to check and manage infrastructures on a daily basis. Therefore, we are developing a health monitoring system. So, in our laboratory, development of the damage rank decision system for structures has been conducted. We try to do damage rank decision for structures with Deep Learning, one of machine learning which attracts attention in the field of image identification in recent years. We have constructed several CNN models for cracks. We evaluate several CNN models. We have made a data set of deep learning. Total amount of data is about 30000. We used 6 CNN models for decision of the rank and compared each CNN models. Xception which is one of CNN models achieved over 80% accuracy.

In another empirical researches, we are developing a predictive maintenance system for cut processing machines. The predictive maintenance is the process of detecting failures and deterioration based on data obtained from sensors attached to devices and performing maintenance at appropriate timing before failures occur. In this research, the predictive maintenance will be performed to reduce costs by reducing excess maintenance and to reduce unexpected troubles. The predictive system collects data such as sound and temperature into the cutting machine using IoT. The sound collection uses a high-resolution recording device to collect signs of possible damage at higher frequencies. Then, the collected data group is analyzed by AI using MATLAB, and a system that can predict damage is constructed.

We are also developing an IoT/AI education considering above two IoT/AI researches. In the IoT/AI education, we provide a text for an experimentation. We teach our students how to use IoT/AI devices using Raspberry PI and Arduino. In the experimentation, they make electric circuits and C++/Python programs from basic to application. Finally, they build an IoT/AI system using PubNub which is a global Data Stream Network (DSN) and real time infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS).

Hiroyuki ENOMOTO

General Manager of Maxell Corporation


Worked at Sliontec corporation and developed civil engineering and building


After worked for the business planning department

Engaged in business strategy work and the application development and development project of functional tape