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Department of Architecture

About Us

The Department of Architecture is located in Mandalay Technological University. There are permanently four teachers and eleven Honorable Prof. The heads of Department and all teachers try their best and their pupils to become good Architects. So, the pride of Architecture Department is sweet-smelling. Moreover, the gratitude of the former heads of the Department is also immemorial.

Programmes Offered

Bachelor of Architecture


Master of Architecture


Doctor of Philosophy

Ph.D (Architecture & Planning)

If you’re looking for a major that will allow you to mix subjects like math and business while also praising your keen design eye, you might want to consider taking on a major in architecture.

Contact Info

Architecture Department

Building no. 9
Department of Architecture
Mandalay Technological University
Patheingyi Township
Mandalay, Myanmar


Mon – Fri 9:00A.M. – 4:00P.M.

To ensure that our undergraduate and graduate programs are qualified, the following facilities that have been assembled;

  • Drawing room with adjustable drawing boards
  • Departmental Library
  • Multi-media Room

History of Department

The Department of Architecture was inaugurated in 1993. The department is temporally closed from December, 2011 to Nov, 2012 and reopened in December, 2012 in Mandalay Technological University. Up to now 2014, Department of Architecture has produced over hundred promising Architects in ten years duration (i.e. 1993-2003). The first post graduate in Master of Architecture from the Mandalay Technological was offered into the profession in 2004, and seven nos. of Master Degree holders have been produced up to 2010. The first doctorate in Ph. D in Architecture & Planning passed out into the profession in year 2006, eleven in 2007, nineteen in 2008, and one in 2010, three in 2011; altogether 34 nos. of Ph.D holders.


  • Water front development in Mandalay City
  • Defining Urban built Heritage in Mandalay City
  • Streetscape Development in Mandalay City
  • Urban development in historic city, case study; Mandalay City


  • Participation in Documentation of Shwe Nandaw Kyaung (Golden Palace Monastery) conservation project in Mandalay collaborated with Ministry of Culture.
  • Data Collection Project of Future Zoning Plan Of Mandalay collaborated with Mandalay City Development Committee
  • Planning for mapping in ancient Pyu cities projects by application of Geographic information system (GIS)
Department of Architecture

List of Faculty Members

Dr. Su Su

Professor & Head

Degree: Ph.D (Arch), Post doctoral research (TU Vienna)
Corresponding Research Field: Urban & Heritage

Sr. Name Degree Position Email Research Field
1. Dr. Than Htay Oo Ph.D (Arch) Associate Professor Architecture & Heritage Conservation
2. Dr. Mya Mya Hnist Ph.D (Arch) Associate Professor History & Heritage Conservation
3. Dr. Myat Soe Phyu Ph.D (Arch) Associate Professor History & Heritage Conservation

Research Activities


  1. Architecture and Heritage Conservation
  2. Architectural and Design Science
  3. Urban Design 
  4. Urban & Regional Development Planning

(1)  Conservation guidelines for Religious complex in Mandalay city (2009-2010)

(2)  i. Decentralization and Urban Transition in Developing countries; A case study of Mandalay City (2010-2012)

       ii. Sustainable House Design for central Myanmar (2010-2012)

(3)  Academic course is temporally closed in MTU and opened to Department of Architecture, YTU (December, 2011-December, 2012)

(4)  Defining Urban built Heritage in Mandalay

What can you do with your architecture degree?

Possible career paths include (but certainly are not limited to) becoming a licensed architect, urban planner, civil engineer, carpenter, building designer, mechanical engineer, set designer or surveyor. And that’s just the start.

Current Academic Research Fields

  • Urban planning and urban design
  • Heritage Conservation