Daw Cho Lwin Maw

Cho Lwin Maw, Ph.D (Thesis)

Department of Biotechnology Technology
Mandalay Technological University
Patheingyi Township
Ph: +95-9449947503
cholwinmaw@mtu.edu.mm, chowlwin007@gmail.com


2001-Dec 2003Master of BiotechnologyDepartment of Biotechnology, YTU
June 1998- Feb 2000Master of ScienceDepartment of Zoology, MU
June 1993- Feb 1996Bachelor of ScienceDepartment of Zoology, MU


Dec 2018-PresentAPDepartment of Biotechnology, MTU
Apr 2016- Dec 2018LDepartment of Biotechnology, MTU
Sep 2003-Dec 2010ALDepartment of Biotechnology, TU(Taunggyi)
Dec 2010- Apr 2016LDepartment of Biotechnology, TU(Kyaukse)
July 2000- Sep 2003DDepartment of Biotechnology, YTU


Current Teaching SubjectsPrinciple of Genetic, Immunology, Food
 Biotechnology and Environmental Biotechnology
Research InterestsWater Analysis and Food Processing
ResponsibilitiesTeaching and Research


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Cho  Lwin  Maw,  Lai  Lai  Aung,  Nhu  Wah  Thin  and  Zaw  Khaing  Oo,
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Process Upgrading of Herbal Wine Making and Study on Its Functional
ISBN 978-99971-0-628-5, 
International  Conference  Bioconomy,  Research  and  Innovation  Yangon, Myanmar