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Vision & Mission

University Motto

"Integrated Learning to Knowledge, skills and attitudes"

Our Vision

It is envisaged that MTU will become a highly-prestigious technological centre of excellence in engineering education, research and the application of knowledge to benefit society globally and train students of high caliber to become highly-qualified engineers, specialists with the ability to create knowledge and solve complex real-world problems and researchers who can discover and innovate new things, all for the good of society, mankind and environment.

Our Mission

To educate and train students systematically to become engineers, specialists and researchers who –

  • Commit to the innovative and ethical application of science and technology in addressing the most pressing societal needs;
  • Have received twenty-first century leadership qualities, perspectives, and skills;
  • Can develop and disseminate transformational new knowledge and technologies that further the well-being and sustainability of society;
  • Have the will and the ability to work for the good of the society, mankind and the environment;
  • Are conscious of civic duties and professional ethics.