Mandalay Technological University aims to become a knowledge hub in the region through research and innovation. To achieve an excellence in research and to contribute to regional and national development, research projects are carried out at all levels from undergraduate, graduate students to faculty staffs. MTU is trying to provide a creative and supportive research environment for researchers through various capacity development programs. MTU respects research freedom of all researchers while ensuring research integrity and taking responsibilities from the concerned researchers. MTU research theme focuses on the following areas which are in-line with the priorities of national Science, Technology, and Innovation (STI) Policy.

  • Energy
  • Environment
  • Health
  • Industry
  • ICT

Nurturing a good research environment demands a well-founded research policy, research management, financial support, and capacity building. To support research activities across the campus, MTU has established University Ethical Research Committee (ERC) to formulate research policies, develop strategic plan for research, identify research themes, promotes applied research and technology transfer. In addition, Publicly funded Research Organization (PRO) and Technical Innovation Support Center (TISC) Office has been established for transfer of technology to the industries.